Caitlin Harriford
Co-Executive Director, Concert Committee
University of Southern California

"This past year, RECESS not only helped us bring in more sponsors, but these sponsors set up great activations that the students interacted with and enjoyed...and RECESS' help with partnerships helped us achieve that goal."

Eric Brownout
Co-Chair Mayfest Productions
Northwestern University 

"Working with RECESS this year was a pleasure, and the sponsored activation they brought to Dillo Day was a huge hit with all attendees."

Wes Clark
 Associated Students Association
UC Santa Barbara

"As a professionally inexperienced student, I'm extremely mediocre at forming professional relationships with companies looking to sponsor our end-of-the-year music festival. However, luckily RECESS approached me and has supplemented this weakness by providing that connection and expertise to companies wishing to sponsor us!"