Director of Social Media (2 Positions) 


Do you live and breathe Instagram and Snapchat? Are your friends constantly asking you what their captions should be? Are you up to date on all the latest GIFS, Memes, and hottest influencer trends? Then you are perfect for this position! You will help run our social media platforms, aid in the creation of content calendars, and dictate the overall direction of our voice on social media. We are also looking for two articulate authors to generate templates for blog posts, newsletters, and other online content. You will decide what our weekly giveaways are and what will be featured in our email marketing.


  • Create unique and memorable content across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

  • Develop and maintain content calendars across platforms. 

  • Brainstorm and develop content for our email marketing campaigns, including weekly newsletters and branded campaigns.  

  • Revamp and execute the RECESS Rewards Program as a way to increase referrals.

  • Revamp and manage our Weekly Giveaway Program.



Director of Art and Design (2 Positions) 


Do you have an eye for art and design?  As an Art/Graphics Director you will help create the “look” of the RECESS Ambassadors program. You will work closely with RECESS HQ to help look and feel of our brand across platforms.  You will use your visual design skills to craft templates for our weekly emails, content for our social platforms, and advise on visual elements of our website. weekly email templates, content for social platforms, and advise on visual elements of our website.


  • Work with the Community Management Team to create our weekly email newsletters and other email marketing materials. 

  • Work with Community Management Team to craft the overall look and messaging of RECESS social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram). 

  • Work with RECESS HQ to update and maintain as it pertains to the "For Students" page and all Ambassador program website materials.

  • Work with the Recruitment & Acquisition Team to create collateral to develop and grow Ambassador program. This will include presentations, chapter development materials, etc.




Director of Regional Recruitment (8 Positions) 


Do you enjoy mobilizing students? Do you envision a future career in sales and marketing?  The Directors of Regional Recruitment are the team members who are responsible for adding ambassadors to our growing rosters.  You will actively recruit from universities in your assigned region via Instagram and various social media tools. This position can be quite lucrative, as RECESS will pay the Directors of Regional Recruitment as they onboard members to our platform ($50 dollars per 50 students). The regions are as follows:

  • Northeast Regional Director (2 Positions)

  • Southeast Regional Director (2 Positions)

  • Midwest Regional Director (2 Positions)

  • Southwest/West Regional Director  (2 Positions)


  • Take ownership of assigned region and onboard new Ambassadors from regional Focus Schools. 

  • Use social media tools to evangelize RECESS Ambassador program via Instagram and Snapchat. 

  • Creatively and strategically target key campus allies to significantly increase the number of RECESS Ambassadors on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, sororities, fraternities, student life organizations, sports teams, etc. 

  • Act as liaison between campus Ambassadors and RECESS HQ. 

  • Work with RECESS HQ to implement regional structure through chapter development at focus schools within assigned region. 

  • Participate in our monetary incentive program. For every 50 signups you will receive a payment of $50 dollars. 


Please fill out this brief questionnaire choosing which position you think you are best suited for.  A RECESS team member will contact you within 24 hours of your submission.