MTV in partnership with Ice Breakers brought this awesome photo booth activation for people to enjoy. Students were given the opportunity to use various props to create the perfect picture, while also sampling products provided by Icebreakers! 



 "From their incredibly helpful, professional, and hardworking staff to the amazing sponsors and gear they were able to hook us up with, RECESS added so much value to the New York Dance Marathon this year at NYU! The large glow sticks, in particular, were a huge hit among the student body, thanks to RECESS and IceBreakers! I recommend RECESS' services to all because they helped us raise funds and awareness, while also truly investing in the cause we were throwing the event for."
- Kathryn Foley, NYDM Corporate Relations Chair - New York University

University of California San Diego - Hullabaloo

New York University - Dance Marathon

Indiana University - Dance Marathon