Please complete this survey letting us know how you currently use LED Video Walls. We are looking to launch our new product - RECESS Pre-Show - along with our University partners to entertain and educate students throughout your entire event

led walls.jpeg

What is RECESS Pre-Show?

We are creating a platform to help our school event organizers entertain and educate their audience by utilizing the downtime during events like set change overs. This would be a block of content shown on your event’s LED Video Wall (like the one pictured below) in between the time that artists perform or from the time doors open until the first artists performs

How does this benefit your organization / event?

We will provide entertaining content from our partners for you to play during times of your event when the video wall is not being used. Not only will we provide awesome content - it will allow event organizers to showcase their event’s information, such as: Set times, Upcoming events, Thanking of event sponsors, A live social media feed with your designated event hashtag, and more.