Making money from event sponsors has never been so easy.

How it works

Step 1

Step 1

Create an account and register your events for free.
Step 2

Step 2

Brands discover events and make sponsorship offers.
Step 3

Step 3

Review, select, and coordinate deals.
Step 4

Step 4

Elevate and underwrite your event all at once.
Our Value
Make Money
Our trusted brands help generate revenue to offset expenses.
Audience Engagement
Keep your audience tuned-in with fun, interactive experiences.
Stay Focused
We deliver top sponsors -- you just deliver the great events.

Sponsorship Examples

What people are saying

Logo penn@2x
“Working with Recess was a great way to help bring big name brands to our show.”
- Alexandra Franklin, Movin’ On Director of Sponsorship
The Pennsylvania State University
Logo cincinnati@2x
“It was great working with Recess, they continuously communicated what was expected of both the sponsor and of the University. Once everything was finalized it was smooth sailing from there.”
- Monica Ruscher, Program Coordinator
University of Cincinnati
Logo minnesota@2x
“Working with Recess was great! They had great opportunities for our school and made the entire process easy!”
- Leila Aboujouda, Student Unions & Activities Program Coordinator
University of Minnesota
Logo ucsd@2x
“Recess and Alienware did great! They provided a fun, engaging environment with high energy for all students to enjoy.”
- Jessica Tawn, Associated Students Concerts & Events
UC San Diego
Logo nyu@2x
“From their incredibly helpful, professional, and hardworking staff to the amazing sponsors and gear they were able to hook us up with, Recess added so much value to the New York Dance Marathon this year at NYU.”
- Kathryn Foley, Corporate Relations Chair
New York University
Logo vanderbilt@2x
“Working with Recess was great! Very easy to work with and they were very communicative with their needs so that there would be no surprises day of show. The students also enjoyed the interaction with the vendor.”
- Dwayne Elliott, Director Arts & Campus Events
Vanderbilt University


Does it cost money to sign up?
No, Recess will never charge our University Partners a fee for our services.
How do brands discover my event?
How will we know if we get a sponsorship offer?
How long does it take to receive offers once we upload our event information?
If we use Recess, are we allowed to onboard additional non-Recess affiliated sponsors for our event(s)?
What kind of sponsorships do you bring to University Events?