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University Housing

Apartment & Condo

Drive-In Movies

Holiday Drive-Thru

Haunted House

Endurance Race

5k Run

Youth Sports

Ski Mountain

Trails & Hiking

Botanical Garden


Music Festival

Farmers Market

Flea Market

Beer Festival

Food Festival

Retail Worker

Pumpkin Patch

Holiday Tree Farms

Smart Targeting With
All-In-One Solution

Filter and compare partnership opportunities from 5000+ event organizers by location, date, price, event type, audience and distance to retail locations.

Save Time (And Money) with Transparent Pricing

There is no cost for advertisers to use the Recess platform and we pass prices from event organizers directly to you without any markups, fees or hidden costs.

Easy Contracts,
Payments & Reporting

Save hours of back-and-forth with event organizers. Our centralized contracting, payment and logistics tools make it easy. Post-campaign recaps allow you to measure success.

How Product Sampling Works During COVID-19


Select Events

Select your events and sampling quantity


Ship Product

Ship your products to each event


Products Distributed

Organizers distribute your sample, coupon, or promotional item to each attendee at their event


Review Metrics

Post-event recap includes metrics and photos of each event

Join the hundreds of advertisers that saved millions last year

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“Recess took the work off my shoulders. I saved time by getting everything done all at once using their one-stop service.”

- Carrie Berger, (Utz, Brand Manager)


“Recess made event search and location determination easy.”

- Karin Gerlach, (Tea of A Kind, Vice President of Marketing)


“It’s always hard to find the contact who is managing the events on-campus…I wouldn’t be able to just find the events by googling it. Recess knowing the events that are happening, really helps.”

- Ana Lamanna, (Lifeaid, National Field Marketing Manager)


“Sponsoring 20+ events via a single platform made booking and logistics easy and saved us a ton of time.”

- Chris Kaltreider, (Lyft, Operations Specialist)


“We have continued to use the Recess platform because it’s so easy for us to select, compare and find the right events”

- Daniel Eisman, (Program Director, Alienware Live)


Join the hundreds of advertisers that saved millions last year

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