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December 20, 2023
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2023 Recess Wrapped – Here’s Our Favorite Customer Campaigns This Year

2023 was a pretty exciting year for Recess. We worked with hundreds of top CPG brands to produce unique brand activation and sampling events that really resonated with their target audiences. Here are our team’s 3 favorite campaigns this year.

Recess Back to College Multi-brand Campaign with Kraft, Method, & Reign

Recess created a co-branded moment with top CPG brands like Kraft Mac and Cheese, Method Products, Reign Energy, and Poppi for the 2023 Back to College campaign

Products were handed out at move-in events across 245 university housing complexes nationwide to reach 150,000+ students.

On top of product sampling, this omnichannel campaign also included:

- Special offer promo on university housing socials, emails, and on-site signage
- Inclusion in the Welcome Email for all residents with individual brand CTA and link to Recess’ Back-to-College Consumer Insights Survey
- Opportunity to participate in a followup consumer insights survey (30 days) to validate purchase intent from first survey

2023 Recess Back to College Campaign

What did brands love about this campaign?

  1. Opportunity to plug into a turnkey college program with extensive reach, program infrastructure, and omnichannel capabilities. 
  2. 70% open rate for the dedicated welcome email that promoted brand offers and the Recess Consumer Insights Survey.
  3. Social boosting saw 400k social reach for this campaign
  4. Recess Consumer Insights Survey revealed the college audience’s brand preferences, product affinity, purchase intent, place of purchase, likelihood to recommend, and more.
  5. Opportunity to participate in an expansion and retargeting program to reach college students during Finals Week (fall & spring).

Interested in participating in the 2024 Back to College campaign? Book a call to learn more about the campaign – including category exclusivity. 

Best Served Chilled – Perfect Snacks at Orangetheory Fitness

During the hot summer month of June, Recess partnered with Perfect Snacks and Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) to launch an omnichannel sampling campaign, targeting health-conscious adults in Florida. This campaign was two-fold:

  1. Hand out Perfect Snacks samples to Orangetheory Fitness members
  2. Run a digital advertising campaign to increase awareness of rebate targeting within 5-10 miles radius around the studios
Perfect Snacks at Orangetheory Fitness

What did Perfect Bar love about this campaign?

  1. Ability to serve and store cold products at studios
  2. Ability to layer digital retargeting, resulting in 121K+ impressions
  3. Consumer feedback from participating studios on favorite flavors, nutritional content, and purchase intent

Dive into Perfect Snacks' sampling campaign at Orangetheory Fitness here.

Interested in targeting health-conscious adults? Join our New Year, New You multi-brand campaign that targets members at 157 fitness studios nationwide. 

Targeted Sampling at Scale – 534,000+ Takis in 2 weeks

In October, the Recess team was met with a daring, three-legged challenge:

  1. Distribute 534,262 bags of Takis
  2. Make sure samples get in the hands of their target audience (kids and families)
  3. Complete the entire campaign in less than 3 weeks

Recess identified 27 sampling events that targeted kids and families in the month of October, including 13 Halloween Haunts, 11 farmers markets, 1 youth sporting event, 1 Big Bounce event, and 1 family-oriented fun run. 

Takis at family and kids events

What did Takis love about this campaign?

  1. We had a large network of kids and family events that were ready to participate in this campaign. This turnkey offering made it really easy for Takis – all they had to do was ship the product!
  2. Access to unique marketing opportunities to reach kids and families – including youth sporting events, Big Bounce events, and Hot Chocolate 5K Runs.
  3. Post-campaign recap meeting led by Recess, where we shared the best photos from the activation, campaign highlights, key learnings, and recommendations for the next campaign. 

Dive into the Takis story here.

Interested in reaching kids and families? See how Recess can help you find hyper-targeted, omnichannel sampling opportunities.

Rethinking your sampling strategy for 2024?

Recess can help! With over 15,000 sampling opportunities – all filterable by audience demographic, location, shopper behavior, proximity to retailer – Recess can help you execute unique brand activation and sampling events that are turnkey, measurable, and scalable. Talk to a Recess expert to learn more. 

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