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August 7, 2024
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Health-Ade leverages Recess to penetrate new markets

Health-Ade Kombucha

The campaign goal

As the leading Kombucha brand in the consumer goods category, Health-Ade leveraged Recess to conduct on-demand sampling for 125,000 products across the US.

WeWork co-working members enjoy Health-Ade Kombucha at their weekly happy hour event.

Drive product trial and awareness among key audiences.

Recess makes it easy to build a brand at scale.

Health-Ade, a kombucha beverage brand, sought to drive awareness and product trial after pandemic restrictions limited sampling activations at events. With a significantly leaner field marketing team, Health-Ade struggled to build brand presence and drive trial at scale.

The brand was focused on rebuilding its field marketing team from the ground up as restrictions lifted. “Our goal was to drive trial across an extension of markets outside of where our team had boots on the ground,” says Amanda Swisher, Senior Trade and Field Marketing Manager. Health-Ade engaged Recess to market and distribute products in key regions across the U.S.

Health-Ade promotes their newest product, Pop, through national sampling program targeted at college students.

The strategy

Implement ongoing partnership sampling programs across key markets.

Health-Ade focused on three consumption occasions for their events: at work/home and social gatherings. Access to the Recess platform allowed Heath-Ade to easily find and book events, activations, and partners, including at-home opportunities on college campuses to capture this key demographic. Sampling activations were booked every month in contextually relevant environments where Health-Ade products elevated the consumer experience, such as coworking spaces like WeWork, college housing, and drive-in theaters.

The Recess platform enabled Health-Ade to manage the sampling programs from their headquarters by remotely booking event locations and coordinating partnerships—a solution that was previously impossible with a lean team. With Recess, the brand managed a robust field marketing program with a single employee. By implementing event sampling activations at scale, Health-Ade was able to distribute a high volume of its products efficiently, without the need to send staff or hire an agency to supply brand ambassadors.

Health-Ade launches sampling campaigns at fitness studios (including F45) to promote their newest Pop line.

The success

Health-Ade distributed over 125,000 samples to target consumers.

The Recess platform helped the Health-Ade team distribute 125,009 samples by meeting customers where they were already. “Recess makes it easy to build a brand at scale.” Logistical details, which complicated the event activation planning process in the past, were simplified using the Recess platform, allowing the Health-Ade team to focus on other key priorities.

The brand also leveraged real-time activation performance data, event photography, and key insights to inform future campaign strategies. With Recess, Health-Ade maximized efficiency and scalability to achieve its goals with a turnkey field marketing strategy.

Our goal was to drive trial across an extension of markets outside of where our team had boots on the ground.

- Amanda Swisher, Sr Trade & Field Marketing Manager at Health-Ade

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