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February 17, 2023
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Jet Fuel Studio saves 70% of time spent booking sponsorships for national activation tour

Jet Fuel Studio
“Recess was a huge time saver. It was nice to have a go-between for the events to get all of the information needed and not have to contact the events directly. The research being done on the events was a big help also and definitely saved us hours."

– Jenna Frascelli, Account Manager, Jet Fuel Studio


The goal

Access popular college demographic

To generate buzz among college students, FUJIFILM hired creative agency Jet Fuel Studio to promote their INSTAX products on a national road trip. Armed with a truckload of fun, Jet Fuel Studio planned a U.S. tour that spanned a variety of targeted events, including college campuses and other major events.

In the past, Jet Fuel Studio had difficulty contacting college event organizers due to high student and administrative turnover and fragmentation of the organizer landscape.  "We had a lot of trouble getting in touch directly with universities. It is confusing to figure out who is the right person to contact, and getting someone to respond is difficult", said Jenna Frascelli, account manager at Jet Fuel Studio who oversaw event coordination efforts.


The strategy

Identify events & coordinate outreach efforts

By leveraging Recess data, Jet Fuel Studio was able to easy filter through thousands of college events based on location, date, event type, attendance and cost to choose two college events that best matched their existing tour schedule and brand requirements.  "Instead of us having to individually research events at every college, we were able to access all the events at once on the Recess platform" says Ms. Frascelli.

Jet Fuel Studio used Recess for centralized logistics, payments, and contracting tools. The agency was able to bypass time-consuming red line agreements and protracted event coordination, which differed by each event. “Before Recess, there were a lot of moving parts and coordination between us and the college event organizers, which was important but so complicated,” says Ms. Frascelli.


The success

Streamlined event discovery & time management

Using the Recess platform, Jet Fuel Studio reduced their time spent per event by 70% (18.5 hours to 5.5 hours per event). The agency was able to add more value-driven events to the INSTAX tour and reach the brand’s target demographic with more branding opportunities. Events booked through Recess generated a trove of user-generated content including thousands of photos and engagements that event attendees liked and viewed on Instagram.

In addition to being easier to coordinate and time saved, events booked through Recess were also more cost efficient. Compared to other large-scale events on the INSTAX tour, event fees booked via Recess were 35% less expensive on average.

Using the Recess platform, Jet Fuel Studio reduced time spent per event by 70% and saved 35% on event costs.

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