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July 27, 2024
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Milk Bar drives sales to Wegmans by sampling with Recess

Milk Bar
Our Recess campaign was strategically executed near a retail partner to drive awareness and trial.

– Renee Fuller, Senior Director of Marketing

The goal

Drive traffic to local retailer, Wegmans

Milk Bar, a fast-growing dessert brand that boasts bakeries nationwide, a booming eCommerce care package business and most recently, product lines in grocery, wanted to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to Wegmans, a local supermarket, to increase sell-through and improve the brand-retailer relationship. In the past, Milk Bar has relied heavily on digital channels for eCommerce and online 'surprise & delight' programs and has found sampling perishable products difficult. Prior to Recess, Milk Bar would describe their sampling process as 'a lot of moving pieces' and felt that Recess offered a turnkey process that made it easy to identify new events, while also offering a streamlined way to sample perishable products, without needing to be on-site.

Recess was tasked with helping Milk Bar streamline its sampling activities and help drive traffic to their local retail partner, Wegmans in Pennsylvania.

The strategy

Implement sampling activations at 3 drive-in theaters near retailer

Using Recess’ centralized platform, including the Point-of-Interest (POI) targeting tool, Milk Bar got matched to (3) Drive-In Movies near Wegmans locations and was able to seamlessly execute sampling programs that helped them to drive in-store traffic and increase sales.

Through this campaign, 5,815 2-pack Truffle Crumb Cake samples and 5,815 promotional flyers highlighting the Milk Bar at Wegmans were distributed.

The success

Milk Bar distributed over 5,815 samples to prospective customers and helped build buzz and drive traffic to local retail partner

End-to-end management of the sampling activation using Recess’ platform streamlined logistics and Point-of-Interest tool, helped Milk Bar build buzz and drive traffic to the retail partner, Wegmans. The retailer was excited about the campaign and grateful for the brand's efforts to build buzz and drive traffic to the store. The program with this retailer helped secure a month-long TPR (temporary price reduction) to help keep the momentum going.  

"The buyer saw that we supported the brand by leaning in and finding new ways to drive consumers to the store. I am happy to have found a platform like Recess to help our brand trial perishable products, reach new target consumers, and build retailer relationships." said Senior Director of Marketing, Renee Fuller.

Recess helped Milk Bar drive sales to Wegmans, their local retailer partner, by creating local buzz to drive awareness and trial.

Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee
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