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March 5, 2024
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Leading laundry brand’s spotless omnichannel sampling campaign spins up loads of sales

For the #1 stain fighter brand for laundry and around the home, it isn’t enough to just eliminate odors and stains for existing customers. They want to be the number one choice for all households when it comes to removing stubborn smells and stains.

We at Recess heeded the call for a fresh campaign to increase brand and product awareness and drive retail sales in strategic and effective ways. Additionally, we recommended that our strategy include collecting consumer insights to give the company a real look into how they could achieve that top laundry brand spot everywhere.

By specifically targeting key locations and buyer demographics that would have greater motivations to purchase, we were able to execute an omnichannel product sampling campaign that resulted in 50% of participants buying the product and a wealth of actionable first-party data. How’s that for clean?

F45 members are excited to try their laundry detergent samples on today's sweaty gear!

Our full-load omnichannel product sampling strategy

There isn’t just one place where this top detergent brand’s target audience frequents in their day-to-day activities, but there are some places where their odor and stain busting products would add to the experience. We were determined to use our platform to find the perfect locations to distribute samples and promotional cards, and we found them.

We partnered with fitness studios and DoorDash at DashMart hubs for our omnichannel product sampling campaign, providing on-site signage to publicize the samples and surveying participants to get both product and sampling feedback. Our partners also paired their in-person events with digital marketing promotions via social media and email.

Laundry detergent samples get distributed via Dashmart and college campuses.

By the unblemished numbers: How the product sampling campaign performed

In partnering with 28 fitness studios and 4 DashMart hubs, we were able to extend the brand awareness reach of our omnichannel product sampling campaign for this leading laundry brand. 80,000 samples with promotional cards were distributed throughout the fitness locations and in DashMart orders to the consumer type they wanted to target.

We expounded on the extended brand awareness efforts through parallel digital marketing tactics, resulting in multiple social media posts that reached thousands and more than 9,000 emails sent (and a 45% open rate!). 

Most importantly, we also collected a lot of consumer insights for the brand to use to inform strategic marketing, sales, and product decisions. For example, we learned that DashMart users overall had higher purchase intent compared to the consumers we reached at fitness studios. Perhaps this had to do with adjacent influences; after all, if you are placing a grocery order, you may also be thinking about other household items needed like an odor and stain remover.

Gym members love perks like free samples and promotional coupons!

What else we learned from our omnichannel product sampling campaign

Though the number of people reached through sample distribution is a key metric in a product sampling campaign, to call it a success we must look at the sales that were influenced. Our team at Recess had recommended a consumer survey to get accurate representations of consumer behavior after sampling.

Here’s what we found:

  • Sampling helped to drive purchases. 50% of consumers stated that they had purchased the product after receiving the sample. 
  • Sampling helped to make future purchase decisions. Overall, 55% of the consumers at fitness studios shared that they were extremely likely or likely to purchase the product in the next 90 days. Of those who received samples through their DashMart orders, the outcome of the same sentiment was for a stunning 86% of people.
  • Sampling helped to create positive brand affinity. Nearly 85% of participants rated the odor remover with 5 out of 5 stars after sampling!
  • As a bonus, we also learned where and how consumers expected to be able to buy the product. This was great insight for where the company should be investing in retailer relationships.
Digital marketing was key to this omnichannel product sampling campaign

All stages of the customer journey were touched through this campaign. Not only did we have the statistics, we also had some amazing customer comments come through that speak for themselves.

 “This stuff is a miracle in a little packet, can’t wait to be able to buy an actual full bottle!!”
“This product is amazing! I went out the same day to buy a bottle after using the sample I was given from my DoorDash order. The stain I had on my jeans is completely gone. Thank you so much!”

By pulling together an omnichannel product sampling campaign like this one, we were able to help the top detergent brand learn and earn so much.

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