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Event Organizer Testimonials

“The Recess Team worked through some very interesting logistical hurdles and made it a winning combination for everyone involved!”

- Tim Bauer, Media Account Executive for Texas Student Media

The University of Texas at Austin

“Recess is a great tool that connects students to a world of sponsors, and it opens the door to more elements in event planning!”

- Caleigh Propes, Events Director for Yale College Council

Yale University

“Working with Recess was a great way to help bring big name brands to our show.”

- Alexandra Franklin, Movin’ On Director of Sponsorship

The Pennsylvania State University

“It was great working with Recess, they continuously communicated what was expected of both the sponsor and of the University. Once everything was finalized it was smooth sailing from there.”

- Monica Ruscher, Program Coordinator

University of Cincinnati

“From their incredibly helpful, professional, and hardworking staff to the amazing sponsors and gear they were able to hook us up with, Recess added so much value to the New York Dance Marathon this year at NYU.”

- Kathryn Foley, Corporate Relations Chair

New York University

“Working with Recess was great! Very easy to work with and they were very communicative with their needs so that there would be no surprises day of show. The students also enjoyed the interaction with the vendor.”

- Dwayne Elliott, Director Arts & Campus Events

Vanderbilt University

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