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March 4, 2024
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Recess at Expo West 2023 – 3 product sampling campaigns to rave about

Ah, the excitement of Expo West. It’s where CPG brands, creators, and sellers of organic and natural products come together to build brand awareness, secure partnerships to drive future retail sales, and ultimately give people a taste of their amazing products.

When you’re there as an exhibitor, you can almost physically feel the energy. The buzz is real. But once Expo West is over, don’t let your leftover samples and excess inventory be a buzzkill.

We’ve worked with many brands on turning that excess into success with omnichannel product sampling campaigns at locations within 100 miles of the show floor, keeping their brand awareness momentum going. Check out our top 3 from Expo West 2023 (and an honorable mention)!

Craize Snacks crafts limitless cracker possibilities for WeWork members

How do you show people that your authentic flavor crackers can really upgrade their crunch? You partner with others to get hands into bags. That’s how WeWork and Recess dipped in to help Craize Snacks with extending their brand awareness campaign using excess inventory from Expo West.

Craize Snacks is all about transforming real ingredients into real crackers; we were about transforming those real crackers into real experiences using the power of product sampling. Following Expo West 2023, we crafted brand activation events across WeWork locations in California to give members memorable snack breaks.

WeWork members enjoy the Craive Snacks brand activation events

How’d we do? Craize-y well.

  • WeWork provided fun experiences by pairing samples with dips and recipe ideas on-site.
  • 500+ samples and promotional cards were given out to a key consumer demographic.
  • The WeWork community team at one location said it was one of the most high traffic events they’d ever had.

Many members hadn’t heard of Craize before but after sampling, they said they LOVED the crackers, its versatility, and flavors! We’d simply say: they were a-maized.

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Poppi shows college students that they’ve got to be soda besties 

For a company making pop history that started out in Texas, Poppi has definitely got the whole country now bubblin’ up good things about their brand. After spending time at Expo West talking to sellers and other CPG professionals, they were ready to generate more buzz in one of their favorite customer demographics: college students. 

Poppi makes a splash with bold flavors and colors for college students

We took their excess inventory and ran with it. Our teams partnered with student housing complexes in Los Angeles DMA to serve chilled Poppi prebiotic sodas during finals week events.

The product sampling campaign was a refreshing hit:

  • 1,000+ samples were distributed to students’ delight
  • Social media turned this omnichannel - we amped up the events through Instagram
  • Management teams love working with such a fun brand

Best yet - the students kept asking where they could pop into to grab Poppi for summer!

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CLEAN Cause boosts energy for Crunch Fitness gym members

For people looking for a natural, uncaffeinated pick-me-up after an intense workout, CLEAN Cause is there. We were pumped up to partner with Crunch Fitness on this product sampling campaign after Expo West 2023 using excess inventory from the expo to continue building brand awareness.

Crunch Fitness gym members pose with their CLEAN Cause samples of choice

How the campaign worked out:

  • 1,000+ cans of CLEAN Cause’s Yerba Mate and sparkling drinks went to happy gym members
  • Most people hadn’t heard of the brand before and really enjoyed their samples, even asking where to buy it
  • We learned which were the most popular flavors for fitness enthusiasts

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Bonus – Nixie creates smiling sips at Expansive Co-working offices

The 0-calorie sparkling water brand Nixie tantalized members of Expansive Coworking locations with irresistible organic flavors by working with us after Expo West 2023. Our teams handled their excess expo inventory with our coworking space partner to extend brand awareness without breaking a sweat. Everyone from members to community teams shared positively sparkling feedback about the tasty samples!

Ready to wow others at Expo West 2024 and beyond?

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