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June 29, 2024
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Top 4 Recess brand activation campaigns for the #1 snack and beverage company worldwide

#1 Multinational snack and beverage company increases market share with creative brand activation campaigns

For this American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation client, brand activation experiences and product sampling events are not isolated marketing tactics. They are part of a comprehensive strategy to increase market share and strengthen their standing as the global leader in convenient foods and beverages.

Campaigns for such well-known CPG brands like the hundreds in their product portfolio come with high expectations, and we at Recess were up for the challenge. We tapped into our extensive partner network and superpower in pinpointing target audiences through our data-driven platform to deliver memorable, revenue-generating moments.

Here are four of our favorite omnichannel product sampling campaigns with this client from 2023 through early 2024.

Energy drink line wins exclusive category partnership with WeWork through Recess-managed brand activations

Excited WeWork members try energy drink samples in the communal kitchen.

A necessity on the path to market dominance: exclusivity. We were excited to support our client’s energy drink line in achieving this coveted status in their category and secure a year-long partnership with WeWork.

This was part of their strategy to target at-work environments, a new market for them but one that serves consumers they knew would want and need their products.

Why is this omnichannel product sampling campaign giving all of us energy?

  • Nationwide monthly activations across WeWork and other co-working locations
  • Nearly half a million samples distributed already, with more to go
  • 1.2 million people reached by email about product sampling events
  • Print and digital signage in key places

And there’s still so much of 2024 left for even greater results!

Bright energy drink brand pops off for college students on campus with product sampling 

College students find bags of colorful energy drink cans with promo cards at their doorstep.

When you’re studying hard for finals week and are in need of an energy boost, what do you reach for? Potentially the latest from our client’s energy drink brand who wanted to deepen their foothold in the college demographic with the new product launch. Recess was here for it to give students a study break boost. We created a unique product sampling experience by partnering with university housing apartment complexes.

Why we’re lifting up this campaign:

  • 136,000+ samples, with promotional cards, were creatively door-dropped to residents
  • 100+ social posts reached additional college students with exponential engagement
  • Nearly 10,000 email blasts sparked attention to sampling

While we didn’t survey if all participants aced their finals, we definitely believed that they could dew it.

Multi-brand activation campaign gets top marks on college campuses

Smiling students enjoy the co-branded “de-stress” lounges and sample boxes.

Do you wish that during college finals week, you had a “de-stress” lounge you could pop into to get massages and tasty snacks? We sure did. So we dreamed up and executed 13 brand activation events for our client in partnership with a leading consumables delivery service across college campuses to drive brand awareness of multiple products available on their platform.

The oomph of going all-in on an omnichannel product sampling campaign with multiple recognizable brands was noticeable. Students loved the co-branded Campus Crunch Kits!

“During finals week I am studying crazy hours, so having snacks to take with me to the library right at my apartment was amazing. It reminded me I can order [for delivery] too so that was a huge plus!” - Student, East Lansing

We amplified the campaign with promotional flyers, sponsored emails, and social media posts that ultimately led to purchase. The top CPG company saw a 22% sales lift on the marketplace from this brand activation alone! So though this campaign wasn’t a final exam, we’d give it an A.

Healthy-living brand uses product sampling to become the number one snack choice for fitness enthusiasts

Three F45 Training Gym members enjoy post-workout samples.

From weekend warriors who seek the thrill of races to health-conscious consumers that frequent fitness studios and farmers markets, everyone deserves fulfilling and healthful snacks. 

We worked with a healthy-living brand on increasing the brand awareness of their target audience and saw a return on the omnichannel product sampling campaign immediately:

  • 100,000 healthy snacks were distributed with promotional cards 
  • More than 130 fitness studio locations hosted product sampling events, reaching members nationwide
  • Digital marketing integrations boosted our reach via social media posts and emails to engaged members

With these results so far, we’re excited to see what comes in 2024 as we continue supporting this brand in their journey championing happy, healthy lifestyles.

Want to leverage product sampling to increase your market share like this client has?

Recess can help. With more than 15,000 opportunities for sampling which you can filter by consumer demographic, customer behavior, location, proximity to retailer, Recess can support your unique brand activation and sampling event execution in turnkey, measurable, and scalable ways. Talk to a Recess expert to learn more.

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