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Fitness sampling
March 25, 2024
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Product sampling at F45 Training Gyms enhances member experiences

For people looking for a life-changing fitness community to join, F45 Training is there with its functional group workout approach. The thousands of exercises and classes they have across locations worldwide are some of the benefits that members get.

Then there’s also the benefit of their partnership with Recess. This means that members get the extra perk of being on the receiving end of our product sampling campaigns with some of the hottest CPG brands looking to increase brand and product awareness, launch new products, and entice new customers. Who doesn’t want to try out amazing products for free?

F45 Training and Recess both grow stronger as partners

We’re giving a mighty shout-out to F45 Training for being partners with us since 2022, starting with 120 studios and expanding to hundreds more so far. Through the years, we’ve generated countless partnerships with well-known CPG brands who’ve distributed tens of thousands of samples through our collaborative omnichannel campaigns.

F45 members love their frozen dessert samples post-workout.

For the brand clients we work with, they get to tap into the health-conscious F45 Training membership with exciting product sampling campaigns to drive sales, launch new products, and even manage short-coded inventory. For the fitness studios, they get to treat their members to innovative products and create a steady source of income for the business. And for both, our platform tells them about their customers’ behaviors and affinities - valuable information to help make better business decisions.

F45 Training bulks up with winning omnichannel product sampling campaigns

There are many ways for businesses to get in front of potential new members. One of the ways that F45 Training has done so is through our partnership. We’ve exposed them to thousands of brands who were searching for unique sampling opportunities with health-conscious consumers. The brand activations we managed with both parties helped increase member renewals and decrease churn by creating “delight” moments. Here are some of our favorites:

Keto-friendly snack brand crunches big numbers at F45 Training locations

With goals of increasing brand awareness, driving product trials, and collecting consumer insights, our keto-friendly snack brand client relied on the Recess team to run their omnichannel product sampling campaign at impactful locations.

F45 social media followers LOVE this brand activation story!

Enter the eight F45 Training fitness studios we partnered with. We distributed 10,000 samples, posted in-studio signage, and engaged followers with multiple social media posts to raise brand awareness significantly. More than half of the participants had not heard of them prior, yet everyone praised the samples.

“ The product is so amazing. I love the benefits it has nutritionally. It’s a really awesome taste too.”

Because of the strong trust that the members had with their location staff members, we were also able to collect key consumer insights for both the CPG brand and F45 Training to learn more about their customers and strategize on more sampling opportunities.

F45 Training makes product sampling a dream for plant-based ice cream brand 

When dreaming up an omnichannel product sampling campaign for a superfood brand and their plant-based ice cream product, we knew that their goals of increasing brand awareness and promoting a specific campaign would be easy to reach with our F45 Training partnership.

F45 members show off their new favorite snacks.

Key to making this campaign pop was the willingness of our 6 partner locations to serve up the product samples cold and at the right moment of members finishing up their workouts. More than 3,300 samples with promotional cards were distributed, and multiple posts were made on Instagram to excited members.

We heard from participants that they absolutely loved the ice cream and wanted to know where to buy more. Additionally, every studio manager received member appreciation for getting samples at the studio - a win for building community loyalty!

F45 Training partnership helps top laundry brand’s product sampling clean up well

When you’re sweating through your clothes during a group fitness class, would you rather focus on gains or potential sweat stains? F45 Training members didn’t have to worry about the latter when we matched locations up with a top laundry brand for their campaign.

Detergent samples are a huge hit with sweaty, post-workout F45 members.

This leading brand’s goals of increasing brand awareness and driving retail sales perfectly positioned them to work with fitness studios for their stain- and odor-removing products. 80,000 samples with promotional cards were distributed throughout 28 fitness studios to their target consumer which included workout enthusiasts. Members at every location told staff how much they enjoyed getting such useful samples.

Want to see your product take off in F45 gyms?

Recess can get you in F45 gyms and on all their social media channels. Our software's retailer and audience targeting capabilities helps you identify F45 gyms with the highest density of Target, Whole Foods, or Sprouts shoppers – in addition to other audience traits. Activate your brand in unique ways at F45 with our turnkey sampling programs. Talk to a sampling expert to learn more.

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