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January 7, 2023
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Brownie Brittle distributes 40,000 samples across 15 college campuses

Brownie Brittle
Recess allows us to reach more consumers through their turn-key sampling without spending as much time or money. The most obvious advantage was the standardized cost per sample.

– Ashley Dawkins, VP Marketing, Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle participates in Recess Back-to-College sampling campaign.

The goal

Increase brand awareness and drive product trials throughout the U.S.

Brownie Brittle, a snack brand based in Palm Beach, Florida, wanted to increase brand awareness and get samples into the hands of new Gen-Z consumers.

In the past, sampling activations were focused in retail due to cost and logistical limitations. Ashley Dawkins, VP Marketing at Brownie Brittle said the sampling process was “expensive” and there was a “lack of creativity.”  COVID-19 made sampling and trial even more difficult with all retail demos stopping for Brownie Brittle. Recess was tasked with helping Brownie Brittle reach a younger demographic more efficiently by streamlining sampling channels pivoting to socially distant sponsorship activations.

Brownie Brittle launches sampling in college housing complexes across the U.S.

The strategy

Implement turn-key sampling campaigns at college campuses nationwide

Using Recess’ centralized sponsorship platform, Brownie Brittle executed socially distant sampling campaigns at 19 events across 15 major universities in the U.S., without geographical limitations or requiring staff on-site at events.  Samples were distributed at move-in events on campus organized by student marketing and community engagement teams.

Brownie Brittle also supplements their sampling campaign with drive-in movies.

The success

Brownie Brittle reached 40,000 prospective collegiate customers across 19 events

Recess’ end-to-end sponsorship platform and dedicated account managers enabled Brownie Brittle to achieve nationwide reach through sampling at college campuses, without needing to hire additional staff. This resulted in cost and time savings for the team, allowing more focus on other business priorities. The "most obvious advantage was the standardized cost per sample,” says Ashley. "The team at Recess is very attentive and is always available to answer any questions.

Recess streamlined the logistical process of executing sampling programs and reduced the amount of time spent by 94%, which empowered the lean team at Brownie Brittle to efficiently accomplish more with limited resources.

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