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July 22, 2023
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La Croix reaches college students at scale with turnkey sampling

La Croix
Having Recess coordinate logistics and communication with housing complexes was a huge time saver.

– Brooke Lyons, Events and Promotions Specialist

The goal

Increase brand awareness and drive product trial among college students

La Croix, a fast-growing carbonated water brand, wanted to increase brand awareness and drive product trial among college students by providing complimentary cans and informational inserts to college students at student housing complexes. Prior to Recess, La Croix described their sampling process as "time consuming," and would lose valuable time individually coordinating each delivery.

Recess was tasked with helping La Croix streamline its contactless sampling activities and reach college students through its end-to-end management platform.

Leasing assistant from a vibrant college housing distributes La Croix samples to apartments.

The strategy

Implement sampling activations at 72 student housing complexes

Using Recess’ centralized platform, La Croix sourced sampling opportunities and executed socially distant sampling activations at 72 student housing complexes. All items were distributed by organizers, which removed the need for dedicated La Croix staff to be on-site. Through this campaign, 54,340 cans and 13,585 inserts were distributed among 72 student housing complexes.

College student receives her La Croix' Back-to-College bag.

The success

La Croix distributed over 54,340 cans to prospective customers across the country

End-to-end management of the sampling activation using Recess’ platform streamlined logistics and enabled the brand to reduce the time spent on activation planning. This enabled La Croix staff to dedicate more focus to other business priorities. “Having Recess coordinate logistics and communication with housing complexes was a huge time saver," said Events and Promotions Specialist, Brooke Lyons, "Before using the Recess platform, we had to individually coordinate each delivery. The most obvious advantages of the Recess platform are the direct connections and streamlined communication and organization."

College Resident Advisor (RA) distributes La Croix' Back-to-School samples to her residents.

Recess helped La Croix target college students by streamlining the logistical process of executing sampling programs and reducing the amount of time spent, which empowered the team at La Croix to reach more audience at scale.

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