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February 5, 2024
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Perfect Snacks sees massive gains at Orangetheory Fitness with omnichannel sampling

Here’s a perfect theory: pair refrigerated, whole-food protein snack samples with fitness studios in the heat of Floridian summer, and you’ll get health-conscious adults happy to make those snacks in full size part of their day-to-day life. At least, that’s what Recess saw recently when partnering with Perfect Snacks and Orangetheory Fitness on an omnichannel sampling campaign in Florida where thousands of samples were distributed to customers’ delight.

Orangetheory Fitness member enjoys a Perfect Bar sample after a tough workout

Set target: Increase brand awareness and drive product purchases

When Perfect Snacks came to Recess with the goals of increasing their brand awareness and driving product purchases, we tapped into all the successes we’ve seen in helping other clients drive retail sales through data-driven strategy which include omnichannel sampling, community partners, and shopper demographic targeting.

To increase their brand awareness, we needed to be where their ideal consumers were - those who appreciate and will ultimately purchase refrigerated whole-food protein snacks readily.

OTF Members enjoy their post-workout protein bar

Our strategic omnichannel sampling approach

Perfect Snacks wanted to target higher income, health-conscious consumers at fitness studios. Once they partnered with Recess, this idea strategically came to life by working with other partners of Recess. Orangetheory Fitness was the right fit through and through for their membership, facility capabilities, and helpful community managers on-site. 

Not only were sampling events planned in multiple locations throughout Florida, a digital advertising campaign was set into motion to increase awareness of rebate targeting within a 5-10 miles radius around the studios. Reminding people of their fun Perfect Snacks sampling experience improved positive associations with their brand and increased the likelihood of purchase. More reps, more progress.

The campaign by the numbers

Sampling events were held at 10 fitness studio locations, which distributed 8,000 Perfect Snacks samples to their enthusiastic members. Coupled with the digital advertising campaign which resulted in nearly 122,000 digital impressions, this Perfect Snacks omnichannel sampling campaign was a hit.

The sampling experience 

When community managers introduce products directly like they did at Orangetheory Fitness, they become advocates by proxy. Members at all locations who received Perfect Snacks samples were thrilled to receive them and told Orangetheory Fitness they’d be buying Perfect Bars soon!

Hitting target and bonus gains

Once the campaign wrapped, everyone involved knew that Orangetheory Fitness was the right partner for Perfect Snacks. For one, the unique Perfect Bar products required refrigeration, and Orangetheory Fitness was able to store and serve cold samples at the studios, giving customers the products as they’re intended to be eaten. That made a difference. They also served members who fit Perfect Snacks’ target customer profile, which helped the digital retargeting efforts immensely.

There were also bonus benefits to this partnership and how the omnichannel sampling campaign was organized. The in-person interactions gave Perfect Snacks (through Orangetheory Fitness) the opportunity to hear unsolicited consumer feedback on topics like favorite flavors, nutritional content, when the product was preferred to be eaten, and especially purchase intent. Consider that market research directly from the target customer!

Perfecting the theory for other CPG brands

The power of partnership and omnichannel sampling really shone for Perfect Snacks and Orangetheory Fitness in this campaign with Recess, and a similar strategy could work well for you as another CPG brand. By understanding your target demographic, knowing where they shop or hang out in real life, and deliberately geo-targeting for optimal sampling events, you can perfect the execution of your omnichannel sampling campaign. Add on top of that a consumer insights survey to gain greater understanding of the target demographic, and conversion will be a breeze.

Want to powerlift your sampling strategy for 2024 like Perfect Snacks?

Recess can help! With over 15,000 sampling opportunities – all filterable by audience demographic, location, shopper behavior, proximity to retailer – Recess can help you execute unique brand activation and sampling events that are turnkey, measurable, and scalable. Talk to a Recess expert to learn more.

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